joi, 26 noiembrie 2009

Regarding the ignition of an explosive device at the free social space "Buena
Ventura" (Thessaloniki)
At the dawn of November 24, at 03:55 am, the free social space Buena
Ventura (which hosts the assembly of the group Solidarity -
Antiauthoritarian Movement) came under attack with a strong explosive

The way in which the device was placed reveals much
about the morality of the perpetrators, a morality of murderers - since
they did not just attack Buena Ventura, but the entire neighbourhood.
In short, the windows of neighbouring blocks of flats were smashed by
the explosion in a radius of 15 meters, while shattered pieces were
whammed all around, posing an imminent danger to the lives of
neighbours. Shattered pieces also hit three cars, which also highlights
the murderous nature of the attack since any
random passer-by could
have been hit by them too.
The attack comprises the tip of the iceberg - part of
the framework of repression and of the blooming of para-statist action
over the decades. It begins with the activity of the para-statist group
"Karfitsa" in the 1960s and comes all the way to the placing of the
explosive device at Buena Ventura.
It becomes painstakingly obvious that free social
spaces are being targeted - as approximately six months ago the haunt
of the "Struggle Movement" (Sfentona) was also attacked. The method of
the attack and the construction of the mechanism reveals that the
perpetrators are the same, naturally raising the question of who will
be next and - what scale of attack they will come under.
Such attacks comprise expressions of a fascist-type
logic that aims at the terrorising of people in struggle; a logic that
finds refuge and legitimacy on a practical level in the
attack launched by authority against everything last year's December
has given birth to.
This witch haunt, the zero-tolerance schemes, the demonization of
the anti-authoritarian movement both from mass media and from the state
(from the mouth of the "Citizen Protector", Minister Chrisochoidis),
offers the strongest alibi for the activity of such circles, within and
in parallel to the action of the state.

In our face, the entire movement was attacked, since we
consider the choosing of our particular group for the attack entirely
random. In our place it could have been anyone who has chosen the paths
of struggle and resistance.
It could have been any free social space, haunt or
squat. Through us, they attacked all those parts of society that
revolted in December, since the symbolism of the date cannot be
overlooked: the attack came only days after the mass mobilisations of
November 17th and
ten days before December 6th, marking a year from the
assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos.
Our response cannot be other than the one given by
society itself during last year's revolt: The state and its dogs won't
scare us.
Open Assembly: 24/11, 7pm at Buena Ventura

Solidarity - Antiauthoritarian Movement

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